We can’t deny it: a growing percentage of employees is dealing with depressive, burn-out or anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, the amount of expats/internationals in our society has increased over time. This particular group is highly susceptible for the developing mental issues, due to adapting to a new environment and loneliness (as they have a smaller inner circle and thus social support).

Our experience is that too many people tend to deal with those feelings/issues individually for too long and are prone for (sometimes unnecessary) longterm sick-leave. We would like to prevent this from happening by guiding you/your employees in early stages of diminished well-being.

The SatisFactory Project guides employees with methods of which we believe that they are targeting long-term results in improving well-being. We don’t work with diagnoses, yet we will go to the core of the issue to make sure that real change is stimulated. We only work with certified behavioural therapists, and therefore we can offer qualitative guidance without forcing people to enter the official mental healthcare system.