The SatisFactory Project offers both individual and group sessions (English spoken). For the individual sessions we make use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The group sessions are based on the evidence-based method The Lab of Life, developed by behavioral scientists of the Radboud University.

Individual sessions

Focus: guidance for deeper, personal questions

  • Are your worried that your emotions/thoughts/behavior will interfere with proper daily functioning?
  • Do you experience difficulties with changing disfunctional habits?
  • Are you experiencing feelings of loneliness, insecurities?
  • Do you find it difficult to adapt to your new environment?
  • Etc.

Sometimes people are dealing with questions that require more personal attention. As behavioral therapists we guide you with direct work-related issues, such as burn-out symptoms. However, at the workplace you always bring yourself. That’s why we also guide you with questions related to the “purpose of life”, depressive or anxious feelings/thoughts and/or adapting to a new environment. In most of the cases we recommend to have 7 sessions, excluding the intake.

Interested to see a therapist, but not sure whether you are at the right place? Contact us and we will discuss this together!


If we get in touch and you seem to be at the right place with your question, we’ll schedule a 60 minute intake which is non-obligatory. In case you don’t feel comfortable or the used methods will not suit you well, this intake will not be charged. We only charge the intake in case we continue with sessions.


Counceling 8 sessions – online or within 30 min travel time of your therapist*€ 1250**

* We try to connect you with a therapist close to you (now available in Rotterdam, Gouda, Maastricht, Spakenburg and Den Bosch). We are flexible in where we meet: we could meet at your office or go outside for a walk. The most important thing is that it’s a place that works well for you. However, if we need more travel time the session rate will be €235. 
** These costs are excl. VAT, travel expenses and location costs (if applicable).

Employers are obliged by law to provide sufficient care for the mental well-being of their employees. Therefore, most of the employers offer the option to (partly) pay for these sessions. Check with your employer whether they want to support you in this!

The Lab of Life

Focus: strengthen your physical en mental vitality, by stimulating concrete actions towards new/desired behavior.

  • Do you want to feel energized?
  • Would you like to do more sports, sleep better, worry less, enjoy your family/work/private life more?
  • Do you want to put your resolutions into behavior?

Research shows that change is not so much a matter of will, but rather a matter of doing it. The biggest obstacle here is a natural resistance to change.

Even when people really want to change, unconscious processes in the brain try to keep everything as it is. To break this resistance to change, we use scientifically proven psychological techniques and mechanisms.

The approach of The Lab of Life has proven itself in practice, and we are confident that this method will also work for your organization. 

Practical: in-company training consisting of 5 sessions of 2 hours, 6-12 participants.

Costs per employee:      € 830 excl. VAT